1. What is Teams to be used for?

We have rolled out Teams as a method of 1 to 1 and small group conversations - as an initial effort we have provided it for Learning Support and Music Lessons but are evaluating expanding the capabilities over time.

2. What is my child’s login for Teams?

The login for Teams is the same as their email and Stile. It should be a username like “". Your child should have a label on their iPad case with their username and password.

3. What does the video call look like?

Ms Fester created a great video of the experience of the Teams interface. It’s suitable for sharing with your children and helps them get setup for the first time.

Getting Started with Teams guide from Ms Fester

4. What can I do to check my child’s iPad is ready for Teams?

Please watch the video above, and ensure you have opened the Teams App, signed in if required and ensured that the Teams app shows your child as being “Available” in the 3 bars in the top left hand corner and that Notifications are set to “On”

Tap into to Notifications and ensure it says “Notifications - On” and that you set “Notify Me for” Incoming calls to “On”. You may need to scroll down a bit to see this. If you can’t change the Notifications - see “I’m unable to turn on Notifications” below.


5. Chat or Calls aren’t working, or I’m advised that “Administrator has blocked chat for this user”

Here are some things you can try:

- In the top-left corner of the Teams app on the iPad - go to the three bars. Go to Settings - Data and Storage - Clear App Data - this should allow chat to occur with users.

- Go to Settings - Calling - and Check that you aren’t “call forwarding” all calls to Voicemail.  See the image Below:

- Check that Settings: Notifications: General Activity has “Notify me for Calls” slid on:

- Try some steps under “I’m unable to turn on the Notifications Setting” below.

6. I’m unable to turn on the Notifications Setting.

Go back to the Home Screen on the iPad and into the Settings App. Then look for Notifications and Scroll down to Microsoft Teams and turn on Notifications.

If you’re unable to change the Settings for Notifications to “On" — please follow this video for steps on reinstalling Teams which will also enable Notifications as a part of the process. 

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