Internet and Data

How much Internet Data bandwidth will school activities require?

We have considered carefully that families may not have unlimited data plans at home and this may increase the use of data at home. School-based activities will be focused on small amounts of data with pictures and short videos. Some Learning Support and Music Lessons may use a videoconference link which will require between 1.2 to 1.5Mbps of Internet bandwidth.

I have a “Data Cap” on my Internet plan at home - how much will the iPad use?

In our testing, the most data used in a day used against a data cap was around 1GB worth of activities including video chat.

The Network isn't working on my iPad?

Some tips to follow include:

  1. Check the Wi-fi setting is enabled on the iPad through Settings: Wi-fi.
  2. Ensure you are joined to the wireless network you are expecting to be.
  3. Ensure Aeroplane mode is not enabled on the iPad through Settings: Aeroplane Mode.
  4. Check if any other devices are having issues?
  5. Check if it is only one App that is having issues or all other Apps.  For instance if Zoom can't get to the Internet - try checking a web page in Safari 
  6. Some Apps have a "Network Access" slider in their Settings (like Minecraft)
  7. Apple have useful technical notes about the wireless as well:

What filters are in place against inappropriate Internet content 

The device is not able to be filtered in the same way at home as at the College, but restrictions have been applied to limit what Internet content students can search for. This includes enabling “SafeSearch” capabilities as well as enabling other prevention systems to limit the viewing of Adult Media Content. Mount Sinai also limit which apps are installed on the iPad to those focused on Educational use and have avoided apps with their own Internet Browsers that might bypass these filters.

What access do students have to Email and Social Networking Apps?

Students have a Google Apps email address created as part of joining the school. Delivery of emails from this email account is restricted to allow emails between peers and teachers. People outside the College are unable to communicate with the students directly. Students will also have access to the “Stile”. “Seesaw” and Apple School Manager learning platforms which do have some “social” elements that are used in a controlled manner.

Mount Sinai students also have access to Office 365 including the Teams Video conferencing app, but this is heavily restricted to allow communication within Mount Sinai only.

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